Sacramento City College Film Program

Theatre Arts and Film Department


The Sacramento City College Film Program is part of the Theatre Arts and Film Department and offers a wide variety of courses designed for film majors and interested non-majors who wish to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of film as part of their undergraduate education. Students may earn a two-year Associate in Arts degree or a certificate in film production or film studies.

The Film Program will provide a core foundation in various aspects of film history, diversity, and production. Students can learn the collaborative nature of filmmaking through classroom presentations and hands-on crew experiences. The process allows students to develop skills in all areas of the craft while exploring both the creative and technical aspects of production. Students learn an appreciation of film as a medium of communication.

Sacramento City College is an Apple Authorized Training Center and the film program offers various certified courses in Apple’s Pro Application software. Sacramento City College is also a Certified Training Center for Pro Tools and has award-winning Graphics, Computer game design and Animation programs.

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Film Program Updates:

Film degree and certiicates have been updated